Polish Historical Production in China

12 June 2018

One of the key elements of the exhibition at the Heilan Horse Culture Museum near Shanghai is the fictionalized 3D documentary presenting a reenactment of a battle from 1939. The film was shot in Poland.

The filming of the Chinese-French project took place in autumn in Zaborów, near Warsaw. The production consisted of three historical short films, which will be screened in the newly-opened museum in Jiangyin City, near Shanghai, whose exhibition is dedicated to the life of horses through the centuries.

The most important of the films is the reenactment of a charge that took place during the September Campaign in 1939, in which the Polish army clashed with Germans at Krojanty. The production was realised by filmmakers from Poland, China, France, Spain and the Czech Republic. Polish filmmakers were responsible for the majority of the departments including set design, costume design, make-up, and cinematography - with Jacek Petrycki as DoP ("89 mm from Europe", "The Passing Bells"). The films were directed by Chinese filmmaker Kerry Wang.

The company responsible for production in Poland was IMPAKT FILM. Established in 2013 by Bartłomiej Gliński and Maciej Hamela, the production house specializes in the production of documentary and feature films, international co-productions and line production for foreign partners. The shooting lasted 6 days with about 150-200 people participating daily, and the filming included difficult battle scenes - 40 stunt performers and 25 horses carried out the stunts. Poles were responsible for the explosions and other pyrotechnic effects. Polish filmmakers also made sure that the set design, the costumes of Polish Uhlans and German soldiers, and the German military vehicles  (an armored vehicle and Panzer tanks) were all historically accurate.

The film was shot in 3D using four simultaneously recording cameras (6K). The battle reenactment and other films produced in Poland will be screened in 3D in several museum halls. The time-consuming post-production and special effects were carried out by French company Digital District, which was a direct employer of Impakt Film.


Direction: Kerry Wang
Cinematography: Jacek Petrycki
Set Design: Dorota Rakowiecka
Costume Design: Magda Rutkiewicz – Luterek, Agata Drozdowska
Stunts: East Riders Hubert Kostrzewa
Pyrotechnics: Artur Sobieraj
Production management: Bartłomiej Gliński, Impakt Film
Line production: Maciej Hamela, Impakt Film
Image post-production and special effects: Digital District (Francja)


Krojanty Charge - Making Of 3D film from Impakt Film on Vimeo.


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